7 useful features of YouTube Music that you might not know about

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Search for songs by words, play music from the device’s memory, equalizer, and other features of the streaming service.

1. Set up autoloading of the best music

A special playlist — “Offline Mix” -is available to YouTube Music subscribers. The service automatically generates it from songs that the user likes or listens to more often than others, and uploads them to the device’s memory. As a result, you will always get an up-to-date list of tracks that you can listen to without a network connection.

To enable “Offline Mix” in the Android version of YouTube Music, go to “Settings” → “Library and Saved Content” and enable “Smart Download”. Use the slider to adjust the number of tracks that will be saved automatically.

On your iPhone, open Settings → Save Content and enable the Offline Mix option. Use the slider to adjust the mix size.

2. Use the equalizer (only in Android)

In the settings of YouTube Music, there is a built-in equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound of the program to your taste. You can choose one of the presets for different music styles or adjust the audio using the sliders manually.

3. Add your own music to the program (Android only)

If you don’t have the right songs in the YouTube Music catalog, you can add them from other sources.

First, download tracks from your computer or from the Internet to your smartphone. Then open YouTube Music, go to Settings → Library and Saved Content and enable the Saved Files option. After that, the “Files on Device” tab will appear in the library sections, where the downloaded songs will be displayed.

4. Find songs by words

If you forget the name of the song, try to find it by reading the text snippet. Just enter the words in the YouTube Music search.

5. Wake up to your favorite tracks (Android only)

YouTube Music subscribers can use songs from the catalog as alarm ringtones. To do this, you will need the “Clock” app from Google. If it is not installed on your device, download it from Google Play.

Open “ Clock “and add a new alarm clock. Click on the bell icon and go to the YouTube Music tab. Recently listened to and recommended songs will appear on the screen. Tap on any of them and it will become an alarm tone.

6. Turn off the video sequence

YouTube Music pleases with the fact that it also plays video clips. However, when your internet speed is slow or your traffic is limited, you may not want your videos to be added to your playlist. For such situations, there is a special mode available only to subscribers, in which clips are played by default without a video sequence.

To enable this mode, open the “Settings” (Android) or “Settings” → “Playback” (iOS) section and activate the “Clips without video sequence” option. After that, the program will play the videos as normal tracks. If you want, you can include a video sequence in the player’s menu.

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7. Improve the quality of recommendations

If you notice that the algorithm’s recommendations don’t suit your taste at all, reset them and start with a clean slate. Go to Settings (Android) or Settings → Playback (iOS) and click Improve Recommendations. After that, the system will offer you to re-select the artists that you like. Based on this selection, YouTube Music will restart the recommendations.



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